Tracey hosts ‘Outdoors For All’ in Parliament

Today Tracey sponsored a Parliamentary reception for the coalition ‘Outdoors For All’ which is dedicated towards improving access to nature through outdoor sports and is made up of 42 likeminded organisations. We have a great range of landscapes on offer to us – from rivers, canals, lakes, to mountains, crags, coastlines and urban green and blue spaces. Everyday people across the country are making the most of these spaces through walking, swimming, camping, cycling, climbing or simply relaxing in these spaces. Not only is access to nature and the outdoors good for our physical and mental well-being but it also helps create local jobs and helps protect the future of our natural environment.

Despite this, recent research shows that the UK ranks the lowest of 14 European nations on nature connectedness and ranks 11th out of 15 on levels of physical activity. The need for greater public access to outdoor spaces in the UK could not be more apparent. The Government has made ambitious plans on getting 3.5 million people active by 2030 through it’s Get Active Strategy and has also committed to giving the public access to green and blue spaces within a 15-minute walk of their home, through its Environmental Improvement Plan. Tracey strongly welcomes these targets but believes that there is always more we can do.

Tracey says:

“I support much of the Outdoors For All manifesto and join them in calling on the Government to improve awareness and accessibility for green and blue spaces”.