Apprenticeship Fairs & Young People

Tracey invited a broad range of businesses from across the country to the Fairs to showcase what kind of opportunities are on offer for students who might be thinking about a Level 3 apprenticeship or are curious about what one would involve.  Leaving school and deciding what to do afterwards can be a daunting experience and one of the reasons for running the Fairs are to outline the potential alternatives to university.

At the last event, 20 schools from across Kent and nearly 1000 pupils came over the course of the day.  They were able to speak with nearly 50 businesses who offer apprenticeships including, the Civil Service, Kent Police, Llloyds Bank, Pwc and Aldi - some students were even offered apprenticeships on the spot!

The number of students opting for apprenticeships locally and nationally has increased over the years who are seeing them as a way to learn applicable skills and a worthwhile route into the work place.

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